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  1. Hi Leanne
    WHAT A JOURNEY! Many thanks for sharing this blog and now that I have read this blog three times I have decided to comment on this page. You have carefully selected models from research that offer structure for Inquiry thinking. Tapping into students’ feelings during the learning process during an information seeking task was interesting. This is a significant finding and enabler to sustain student motivation during such research tasks. Being able to identify and then foresee ‘dips’ allows teachers to plan targeted support interventions such as the question prompts to evaluate progress in the Source Evaluation Framework. The interventions and explicit teaching, with guided inquiry questions, required for higher cognitions is carefully crafted linking the Unit Plan and model within the Rationale. This pedagogy metacognition is impressive. You are able to think about your teaching practice, given a new content area, and link it to experience in inquiry and theory that challenges past pedagogy. The Unit Plan can stand alone if you were to share with others. The rationale reflects your deep research and reasoning and yet the Unit Plan applies this in an easily managed manner. This blog is a true testimony to your craft. Please share this insight with Humanities teachers, in the first instance, so they can sharpen their craft! Inspirational! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Janelle for your lovely, generous and supportive feedback. Like you, I also found the idea of understanding, identifying, and tapping into students’ feelings and foreseeing ‘dips’ to support targeted student interventions during the learning process (the Information Search Process) particularly interesting. I am working on a blog post and video to help spread this information to a wider audience. My aim is to support inquiry learning pedagogy and student motivation (like you suggested) – I will keep you posted when I have finished putting it all together. Thanks again for your thoughtful and perceptive feedback.

  2. Hi Leanne
    The unit looks great – I think it came together really well and I can see the cognitive links and effective sequence. I would be really happy to trial this for next year and give some feedback on how it worked. It was such a big topic to manage but I think you really found a way to synthesise the key focus and select a very manageable area of study and consideration. I really like the key question and the use of the connection to their own knowledge base. I also think after the French Rev they will have a stronger base to make some of these links and claims. Well done 🙂

    1. Thank you, Jo for your supportive comments. I would love it if you trialled the unit next year! I would certainly welcome any feedback or suggestions for improvement as you complete the unit. It is a big topic with a lot to cover so hopefully the unit plan taps into the key events, issues and individuals sufficiently without overwhelming students, especially given the tight time frames. All the best with the unit!

  3. Love your work Leanne. Your evidence-based plan and modelling have given me so much food for thought. I will be entering my classroom with lots of your ideas and suggestions. Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing your work.

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